The following are a selection of links that have informed and inspired my Data Visualisation journey.

  1. Information is Beautiful is an online database that has an extensive collection of interactive data visualisations and infographics.

  1. Visualising Data is a fantastic way of keeping up to date with happenings in the data visualisation field.


  1. Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration for all things creative, including data visualisation.

  1. A list of the 10 best data visualisations from 2015.

10 Best Data Visualization Projects of 2015

  1. An interesting recounts of the history of infographics and data visualisations.

  1. A National Geographic article exploring the ease with which data visualisation can present information.

  1. An extensive resource on the different types of data visualisation, with background information and examples for each.

  1. A list of 30 tools that simplify the data visualisation process.