The 4×4 Model

The 4×4 Model for Knowledge Content consists of four models and four components, which combined can help you target and engage your audience.

4x4 model

Shander, B. (2011, April 11). The 4×4 model for winning knowledge content online. Inspired Mag. Retrieved from 2009/03/31/2530686.htm?site=science&topic=latest


Lecture Pod 01

We live in an extremely data oriented time, in which the amount of data we create and share is growing exponentially, as shown in the screen grab below. As a result, data visualisation strategies are vital to make sense of and organise this data.

data stat

Data can be defined as values of quantitative or qualitative variables belonging to a set of items. Data itself has no meaning until it is interpreted and visualised. Effective visualisation helps users in analysing data and evidence, aiding in accessibility, understandability and usability.

I think the most notable idea proposed in this lecture pod was that not all information visualisations are based on data, but all data visualisations are information visualisations, e.g. most process visualisations are information visualisations but not data visualisations, as evidenced in the infographic below which is essentially an illustrated list, as it lacks numerical data.

infographics process